Read all about David Briggs' CDs on Priory Records and on Delos International.

For information about life at Gloucester Cathedral, visit their website

Why not visit the website of the Royal College of Organists or the Incorporated Association of Organists, that of Maitre Jean Langlais (teacher of David Briggs in Paris 1984/86).

Stephen Farr
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Keith Hearnshaw (HD Big Screen Video Hiring)

For information about the Three Choirs Festival - the oldest musical festival in Europe - look here.
Details of events being organised by the Gloucester Area of the Royal School of Church Music can be found here

The Organ magazine

Methuen Memorial Music Hall Website

Historic live footage of Vierne at the organ


"It was a great privilege to have David Briggs perform here. He is a consummate artist - prodigious technique coupled with innate musical gifts. His use of the cathedral organ displayed every possible combination of sound that one could imagine, and his improvisation left the audience in total amazement. He is clearly the equal of any organist in the world today."

(James R. Metzler, Trinity Cathedral, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)

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